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The revolutionary indoor greenhouse which allows you to grow vegetable sprouts, herbs and salads of the highest quality


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Tomato+ is the revolutionary indoor greenhouse, designed for restaurants, which allows you to grow vegetable sprouts, herbs and salads of the highest quality all year round. It is fully automatic and very easy to use


Top chefs choose tomato+

Testimonies of excellence

  • Chef Pietro Leemann
    Ristorante Joia – Vegetarian Haute Cuisine, Milan

    “In my kitchen, vegetables play a leading role. For me, it is essential to use high quality raw ingredients. With the tomato+ indoor greenhouse, I can produce my own vegetable sprouts, herbs and salads that are always fresh and tasty and that I use as soon as they are picked, still rich in nutrients. I can plan cultivation according to my needs, avoiding waste. I also like the fact that it is a production system with a low environmental impact, which still allows me to have my favourite herbs andsalads every day of the year, but in a sustainable way.”

  • Chef Angelo Troiani
    Il Convivio Troiani Restaurant, Rome

    “Genuine and seasonal ingredients, healthy and balanced dishes: this is what my cooking is all about. It is based on the certified quality of the raw ingredients. For this reason, I choose only safe food supply chains. The tomato+ greenhouse makes it possible to grow the highest quality vegetable raw ingredients with absolute certainty of origin. It is also an excellent opportunity to cut costs and improve kitchen planning. The herbs and vegetable sprouts are available whenever I need them, without waste, with no problems of seasonality or supply.”

  • Chef Felice Lo Basso
    Felix Lo Basso Restaurant, Milan

    “I am always very interested in new solutions, the most innovative systems that can help me in my pursuit of excellence. I chose to use the tomato+ greenhouse because it guarantees me the availability of healthy, safe and tasty herbs and salads, which I have watched grow in a completely natural way. It’s easy to use; the pod system is very practical. I decided to put it in the dining room because it is also nice to look at. My customers love finding out that some ingredients in their dishes are grown directly by us.”

  • Chef Matteo Rizzo
    Il Desco Restaurant, Verona

    “Tradition and innovation is the basic recipe in my kitchen. Freshness, taste and aroma, this is how everything is concentrated in my tomato+ greenhouse. I find it an extraordinary advantage in terms of practicality, management costs and above all of crop quality. Freshness almost without comparison, aroma and inebriating flavor of aromatic herbs give some of my dishes a more persistent aftertaste, for example, in my dish “Press risotto, tomato and onion” I use Greek basil and rosie basil as a “secret” ingredient.”

  • Chef Luca Pascale Rizzo
    CruDoc by ReNoir Restaurant, Pogliano Milanese

    “Our restaurant wants to propose an innovative and technological kitchen that can offer an unmistakable and genuine product, Tomato + is the only greenhouse that satisfies these prerogatives. It is a valuable ally in the kitchen and as a strategic lever of image to engage customers in real culinary experiences, so I have placed it in the room to allow my customers to select their fresh vegetables. We use strong and intense aromas in our dishes, such as sprouts in combination with raw fish, while basil and babyleaf on first courses or cooked fish.”


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