Indoor greenhouse for restaurant tomato+

The greenhouse

The tomato+ indoor greenhouse was conceived in Italy by a team that has used innovation to combine successfully different but compatible skills: from botany to agronomy, from LED lighting to software design. The result is a revolutionary product unrivalled on the market.

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A clever combination of design and technology

Tomato+ includes four, individually programmable independent shelves, to guarantee the ideal conditions for the simultaneous growth of plants with different needs. The greenhouse ensures the ideal microclimate for every plant at all times: it recreates the natural cycle of day and night, provides the right amount of water and nutrients and maintains humidity and optimal temperature for their growth.

The greenhouse has limited water and energy consumption and it is very easy to install: just plug it in to a standard power supply with no water supply connection required.

Herbs and Salad,
naturally good

Thanks to its sleek appearance, tomato+ fits right in as a feature of your restaurant dining room. A 100% Italian design that gives added value to your restaurant image.